Years ago, I was working for a commercial electrician service. I saw a high rate of employee turnover due to abuse and stress, as well as projects going way over budget when they didn’t need to. At the same time, I started taking on small side jobs and noticed that I was having much more fun doing those—that’s because I got to work directly with the client. I loved making connections with them and helping them accomplish their goals, so I decided to stop working for the “big guys,” and founded JCM Electric.

We’re a family owned and operated company that’s made up of hard-working, patient, and friendly electricians. Electrical projects can be very expensive and stressful, so our desire is to make things as affordable and simple for our clients. We’re always mindful of what it takes to minimize our footprint in your home or business, while also providing a top-notch service you can trust and depend on.

We like giving the small guys a chance in this huge construction world. We don’t think larger companies treat their employees well, so our goal is to give our electricians a place they can call home. Better yet, we want to feel like our clients are happy at the end of a project because that’s what makes us happy.

“Knowing that someone is satisfied at the end of a job is why we do this.”

– James Mastros